Thursday, 3 May 2012


Today's the day I start writing my new novel.

So far, I've slept in (as much a co-sleeping four-year old allows); I've dropped said four-year old at preschool and walked the long route home; I've written the grocery list and checked the reviews of last night's American Idol.

And I've watched an hour's worth of rain soaking into the garden. 

Now there's twenty minutes left 'til pick-up time. Just enough for a quick post. And a pretty photograph that has nothing to do with anything:

(But we did have a lovely year on a houseboat on the Thames. I really should write about that sometime...)

So, tonight. Tonight's the night I start writing my new novel. 



  1. Watching rain soak into the garden is a totally worthwhile pursuit

    1. Thank you! I have many similar past-times :)