Tuesday 22 May 2012

Picture Postcard

Today's post is inspired by Tara's Gallery. (If you want to join in, you can find out all you need over at her wonderful blog, Sticky Fingers).

Dear England,

Having a great time on Vancouver Island but still really missing you. The rainforest here is awesome, but somehow I find myself hankering after beech woods and bluebells...

...and then there's sunrise over the Thames (when the mist clings close to the water and willow tendrils trail in green); there's blackbirds singing; and wood pigeons; and proper robins (not these overgrown imposters); there's family; and friends (Little Angel, Poached Pear,  Ninja's Mum, and the One Who Reminds My Dog of a Poodle...yes, Tess, that is you); and all the wonderful kids at Parayhouse School; there's buildings that predate 1900; and Cafe Nero; and France so close I can taste it; there's real hot cross buns; and Radio 4 (preferably together with a cup of Cafe Direct); and a proper, paper Guardian (the Saturday edition strewn across the table, scattered with toast crumbs, smudged with marmalade, ringed with coffee); there's the London Underground (with more variety in one carriage than you'll find in the whole of Greater Victoria); there's browsing in a shop, without being "helped"; and there's buying a bottle of wine at the supermarket; at almost anytime of day; and drinking it on the way home (if you really want to) with no risk of being arrested; and there's Waitrose and Sainsbury's and Tesco (even if I do have to pack my own shopping)... 

...Which reminds me: please send Heinz baked beans (minus the maple syrup and molasses), Sacla olive and tomato sauce, and Marks & Spencer's underwear department.

Really wish (bits of you) were here.
Much love,

P.S. You can keep the coalition


  1. Wow a stunning photo! And no please take the coalition!

  2. what a super picture - I've spent this evening travelling to parts of the world though The Gallery that I've only ever dreamt of going to - and this adds to the list

    1. Thanks for visiting. Just had a great trip to your blog- glad I've found you!

  3. Primeval forest...lovely take♫♪

  4. beautiful photo - lovely light - i lived in the USA for a bit and missed all these things about England too! B

  5. Thanks Becca. Loved your postcard too :)