Thursday 10 May 2012


Before I had a baby, I thought cloth diapers were a great idea. 
(You know, those teeny-weeny white ones that could barely catch a sneeze).

 Before I had a baby, I thought I needed seven hours sleep. 
(This is the first/last time Jem slept in his own bed).

Before I had a baby, I thought my husband was a wonderful man. 
(Now, I know he's a saint).

So, what has motherhood taught me? 
To (really) appreciate my own mother. 
To (really) admire my husband. 
To (completely, utterly, unconditionally) adore the funny, little creature who's lassoed my heart so tight that at times I can barely breathe.

And I've finally learned to grow up. (Almost).

Happy Mothers' Day :)


  1. That is really lovely and the photos are very special too xx

  2. So true! The lessons we learn in parenting are so valuable and really put life into perspective.

    1. I agree- just a shame they're so hard sometimes...

  3. Wonderful post! Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thanks for your visit to my blog I loved your comment on my post about extended breastfeeding.