Monday 7 May 2012

Stay-at-Home Economics

I want (amongst many things):

- an iPad
- a pair of mini Uggs (preferably tan)
- a clear, vinyl shower curtain (with blue and green patterned fish, available from Home Hardware for $29.99)

But I'm a stay-at-home mum and, on one salary, we can't afford any of these things. (Okay,  maybe on a good week we could stretch to the shower curtain).

So, I make do with an ancient laptop (circa 2001), a pair of flip-flops, a murky grey curtain for the bath and my four-year old son, Jem. 

Today, he played in his hand-me-down paddling pool in the backyard, while I pruned and weeded and dipped in and out of his adventures: the Beer Barbosas battling the Navies, all swimming for their lives as the Lagoon Monster barfed lava from his bot

And my heart swelled with riches I'd never imagined I needed. 

Now, I know I'm lucky to be able to stay home- we're church mice but at least we eat- and I know not every mum would thrive in my place. But me, I wouldn't have missed a moment. 

Not even for an iPad.

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