Thursday 17 May 2012

Kid-Friendly Places to Eat in Victoria BC

Now, eating out with children in tow is not every parent's favourite past-time. (I generally try to avoid it- along with Emergency visits in the middle of the night and yeast infections). But, occasionally, we all need to feel human again. So, if you're contemplating a bite to eat beyond the safety of your own kitchen, here are three very different (but equally reliable) kid-friendly places to eat in Victoria B.C.

1) Crumsby's

I hope you've already discovered Crumsby's (tucked away in Estevan village), because it's definitely worth a visit. Not strictly, a "play-cafe", it is very much geared to preschool kids: from the toys and the mini-cups and saucers, to the step stool and change-table in the bathroom.
For kids, what small person wouldn't enjoy spilling tea (or apple juice or milk) from their very own teapot? And child-sized cupcakes too.
For parents, it's perfect on a rainy day, when you simply must get out of the house-their direct-trade coffee is amazing and you might even get a few uninterrupted moments to enjoy it, while your kids explore the (mostly Melissa and Doug) play equipment.
Oh, in case your interested, they serve more than just cupcakes too: check out the menu here.

2) Fisherman's Wharf

Food aside, Fisherman's Wharf is a great family destination on a sunny afternoon: a fabulous playground (with equally fabulous view), houseboats, float planes, clear, deep water teeming with marine-life, plus a handful of resident seals.
And then there's the fish and chips...
Whether you choose Barb's or the Fish Store (our favourite), you'll get your money's worth: an adult 2-piece portion easily caters to one parent and one small child (although, at four, Jem really needs his own serving if we're not to feel hard-done-by).




3) The Veranda at the Empress


Not an everyday choice but, if you're feeling fancy, the Veranda is hard to beat (and not as pricey as you might fear). Being outdoors, it easily absorbs noise, mess and manic bursts of activity. And, with both the grounds and the hotel to explore, there's plenty of scope for table-breaks. In addition, staff provide colouring sheets and crayons, and there's a reasonably-priced kids' menu with all the usual suspects (although Jem preferred our mixed appy plate-olives, prosciutto and cheese-to his burger and fries). The summer 2012 menu will be available online soon.

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