Wednesday 14 March 2012

The House at Poo Corner (aka Coping with Chronic Childhood Constipation)

Poo is a big issue in our house. Big, slow, and infrequent. But not for much longer, I hope.
Jem just turned four and, after two years of GP-prescribed Senna, Ducosate Sodium and Milk-of-Magnesia, I've finally had enough. Surely, there's only so much pain (his), worry (mine), and frustration (everybody's) that a normal bodily function should entail.

So, after trawling the internet, raiding the library and quizzing any friend, acquaintance or complete stranger who dared to meet my eye about the ins and outs of chronic childhood constipation (especially the outs), these are the four most important things I've learned:
  • To conquer stool-retention, do your best to ensure that the stool will be soft.
  • Then stand back and do nothing.
  • That's right; stand back and do nothing.

These are my first four reactions:
  • My son has a real problem. 
  • I do my middle-aged-wonder-mummy best to make his poo as soft as creme-fraiche, I really do.
  • This can't be all my fault. Again. 
  • And, last but not least, I don't want to do nothing; I want to help.

But, in the case of constipation, it seems that less actually is more. And, with nothing to lose but Jem's poo, I've decided to experiment. Wish us luck...


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