Tuesday 3 July 2012

The Everyday

Over the years, whenever I've felt sad, confused, or out of control, I've focused on everyday pleasures. It's my secret happiness recipe.


Recently, clearing through my diaries and notebooks, I found endless, repetitive lists:


- good coffee

- good books

- fresh flowers

- candles

- bubble baths


Nothing miraculous but it always seems to work. Slowing me down, grounding me, reminding me what matters.


Of course nowadays, there barely seems time to scribble a shopping list, let alone read a book. There are wildflowers (weeds) in the garden but they rarely get picked. And there aren't many candles either (unless you count the ones on my birthday cake).


But I do make time for one really good cup of coffee every day (preferably espresso, thick and black and frothy, brewed in a Bodum and sipped from my Starbucks submarine mug).


And Jem gets an awful lot of bubble baths :-)



Today's post was inspired by Tara's Gallery. If you'd like to join in, or view the other entries, you can find out all you need over at her wonderful blog, Sticky Fingers.


  1. I've read a good book recently ;)
    Lovely remembering the small stuff.

  2. My Mum taught me to focus on everyday joys, but it years before I was really able to appreciate the lesson. And it's a very important one x. (love that photo,he looks so happy)

  3. Simple and evocative post.
    Note to self: MUST buy flowers today!
    Thanks, claire :)

  4. That was lovely .... so important to try and focus on the now and the minute to minute joys. Beautiful picture!