Monday 16 April 2012

Stand by Me (aka Coping with Chronic Childhood Constipation: the final step)

One month after Jem and I began our quest for the perfect poo:

1. Identify the culprit...check.
2. Ensure stool is soft and pain-free...check.
3. Stand back and do nothing...uh, complete, utter, resounding failure.

So, I'm not a stand-back-and-do-nothing sort of parent. Our small library on attachment-parenting, self-weaning and co-sleeping should have tipped me off sooner, I suppose.

I'm not saying that the experts are wrong (or any of the mums and dads who have successfully followed their advice). Indeed, I can fully believe that standing back and doing nothing would get a quicker result. But, if I've learned anything about my life-philosophy over the past four years, it's that process is often more important than product. 

Jem and I will get there, in our own time, in our own way; one day he'll be ready to go solo. And, in the meantime (now that step1 and step2 have successfully cut our bathroom-time to a handful of minutes, every other day) poo no longer feels like a big issue. For either of us.

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