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Waving Bella 
Set against a backdrop of secrets and lies and longing, Waving Bella tells the story of one family’s struggle to face up to its devastating past.

Twenty years after her father’s disappearance, Aggie McGee is trapped in a game of make-believe she never chose to play. Like her father before her, she dreams of being an artist but, disfigured by a harelip and tangled in bonds of loyalty and loss, she remains at home, helping out with the family cafĂ© and contenting herself with painting wishy-washy watercolours after work that are as bland and as blurred as her life.

Except, Aggie isn’t content.

Her sister Libby pretends that one day, one day really soon, their father will come back home. Her mother pretends that Libby isn’t pretending. And Libby’s ten-year old daughter, Jess, pretends that Aggie can make everything all right.

The past, like Aggie's lip, has been patched over, but as the years slip through her fingers, she feels increasingly torn in two: between the fake familiarity of home and a real, but uncertain world beyond.

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 Making Collaborative Practice Work: A model for teachers and SLTs
This easy-to-read handbook explores existing collaborative practice research within the current SEN framework and then focuses on bridging the gap between this research and practice at policy, planning and classroom levels.

It aims to equip teachers, support staff and speech-language therapists (both managers and practitioners) with the rationale, the strategies and the inspiration to work together with a variety of students who have a range of communication and learning difficulties.

The book contains specific, real-life examples and detailed, replicable structures, strategies, lesson plans and resources. It analyzes the barriers encountered and suggests ways of minimizing and overcoming them, and how the success of collaborative practice has been measured.

The book is accompanied by a CD giving sample schemes of work, lesson plans, and other useful material.

"What they (the authors) suggest is interesting and challenging for mainstream speech and language therapy. The book would be ideal for a multidisciplinary group of special school staff as they think about how to make collaborative working a fundamental part of the ethos and practice of their setting."
The Bulletin, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
"Nice to have a reference to support the way I work and provide a would certainly be useful for a range of professionals...we felt it would be a commendable and valuable resource on any SLT clinic or school staff room's reference shelf."
Child Language Teaching and Therapy.

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