I love being involved with other writers' work and am happy to discuss your editing needs with you- creative, professional or academic. I've outlined my qualifications, experiences and services/fees below. Please feel free to contact me at cehatcher@hotmail.com with any queries.

  • Bsc Speech and Language Therapy 1989 (University of Wales, Cardiff)
  • Masters in Education 1999 (University of Wales, Bangor)

  • Supporting adults, children and young people with oral and written speech, language and communication needs.
  • Teaching/supporting students with oral and written language skills in educational settings (including ESL).
  • Proofing and editing school-age students' written assignments.
  • Proofing and editing undergraduate, masters and doctorate theses.
  • Writing, revising, proofing and editing fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.
  • Document / curricula writing, editing and proofing.
  • Writing and reviewing book proposals.

Services and fees:

Proofreading C$2 per page (250 words)
(24 hours C$5 per page) 
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization

Copy-editing (includes proof-reading) C$5 per page  (250 words)
(24 hours C$8 per page)  
  • Structural coherence (chapter arcs and links between paragraphs)
  • Logic and grammar (subject-verb agreement; pronoun referents; tense agreement; run-on and fragmented sentences; weak verb usage; over-use of adjectives and adverbs; inconsistencies in voice and style; continuity etc.)
  • Additional/alternative content and deletion suggestions

Prices are based on proofing/editing essays, articles and short stories (10,000 words or less).

Please contact me at cehatcher@hotmail.com for an estimate re. longer pieces of work.


  1. i have read your post.liked it but i was looking for some other one.like Essay Editing Service .i would like to see on the topic i mentioned . if u have any information plz tell me know.thanks

  2. hi claudia.
    thanks for commenting. i do offer essay-editing: do email me if you'd like more information (cehatcher@hotmail.com).
    best regards,